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Our society is being impacted by the COVID-19 crisis on a global level. At Quinaptis, we are specialised in supply chain and logistics, so we are not able to cure people, but we want to help to alleviate the impact it has.

Is your company experiencing additional strain on its supply chain or logistics operations these days? Is your efficiency or effectivity impacted?

Efficiency can be impacted by changing circumstances, leading to changes in demand and volumes. This can have an impact on your warehouse operations, demanding changes ot your replenishment strategies or even cross docking. Your transports can be run differently, with different products and volumes.

Higher demand via e-commerce can shine a light on weak points in your supply chain and the use of different systems to support different parts of the supply chain can lead to more errors and higher lead times, impacting both effectivity and efficiency.

If your supply chain is not meeting your expectations with regards to efficiency and effectivity, we want to help you. If this is an effect of the global coronavirus pandemic, we do this with compliments of the house, no strings attached. We will select three projects to analyse your context and challenges and come up with solutions, free of charge and no strings attached.

To be able to do so, we need the following information from you:

  1. A short description of the challenge(s) you are facing

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We will always get in contact with you to discuss your project. We need this
first input to understand your situation and be able to deliver quality. If you want to get in contact with us, do not hesitate to call or leave a message via de website for us to call you.

We love a good challenge and are looking forward to your cases!

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