Deep dive in your data, uncover your process

More than just a dashboard

At Quinaptis, we want to help you use your own data to show what is hidden in your daily business processes.

It’s important for a company to understand and measure what happens in its processes in order to optimize. And then after optimizing having the ability to see the effect of the optimization and continuously improve your business.

In order to get an holistic view and objective approach to visualizing business processes, our data team transforms the operational data in your ERP, CRM, WMS,… into a visual representation of your processes with the ability to view bottlenecks, deviations and inefficiencies.

A quick scan to get a fast visualization of your process and look for inefficiencies and bottlenecks in an instant? Looking for a continuous process monitoring tool for your business to work to its global process optimum? Let’s talk!

Let’s talk!

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