SAP Stock Room Management
SAP Stock Room Management


By Tim Hoebeek

Quinaptis is the specialist in the field of SAP Extended Warehouse Management (SAP EWM). We develop solutions to improve warehouses’ efficiency and innovative concepts to enhance the logistics flows of our customers.

Stock Room Management is a solution introduced by SAP to allow installed base customers to continue running their LE-WM solution after support ends, albeit with quite some limitations. The license for Stock Room Management is included in the license for the S/4HANA Enterprise Management component.

Why SAP Stock Room Management?

Customers that already made the move to S/4HANA, but have not migrated (all) their warehouses to EWM yet, are currently using the LE-WM (and other parts of the Logistics Execution System) as a compatibility pack. However, LE-WM will no longer be supported in the future. At the time of writing, the SAP ERP 6 platform is supported until 2027 (extended from2025). The support for compatibility packs in S/4HANA was not extended, however that means that mainstream support for WM for customers that are on the SAP ERP 6 platform stops in 2027 (two more years are added in case of extended support). For those customers that are using the WM compatibility pack on S/4HANA, the WM solution will no longer be supported from 2025 onwards.

Stock Room Management is for those customers with very limited requirements for warehouse management with manual operations (i.e. storage bin management) that do not want to move to EWM or are not able to move to EWM in time.

What are the possibilities with SAP Stock Room Management?

The functionality of Stock Room Management is that of LE-WM with limitations. Those limitations are that the following functionality is no longer available:

  • Task & Resource Management (WM-TRM)
  • Value Added Service (LE-WM-VAS)
  • Yard Management (LE-WM-YM
  • Cross-Docking (LE-WM-CD)
  • Wave Management (LE-WM-TFM-CP)
  • Decentral WM (LE-WM-DWM)
  • Warehouse Control Unit interface (LE-WM-LSR)


Other than that, Stock Room Management is equal to LE-WM in all facets. It is the same ABAP code as LE-WM, without the above limitations. The configuration is the same, there is no need for migration and depending on the quality of your LE-WM developments, they can probably be imported in an S/4HANA system with a limited need for modifications. Please note that no innovations or new functionality will be introduced in Stock Room Management in the future, the solution basically consists of the following blocks of the WM compatibility scope (this list is for your convenience, the exact list is LE-WM minus the functionality described above):

  • Inbound Processing
  • Physical Inventory
  • Storage Bin Management
  • Internal Warehouse Movements
  • Outbound Processing
  • Reporting Mobile Execution (LE-MOB) remains available too, since that is not part of LE-WM, nor of a compatibility scope.




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