Quinaptis Qubes

An SAP warehouse solution and accelerator,

based on our best practices and expertise,

created to meet the needs of any warehousing landscape.

Level up your warehouse with Qubes

Warehousing has become an invaluable part of the logistical supply chain in the modern era. Consumers are becoming more and more demanding. With continuously growing expectations around service, transparency, and delivery times, the warehouse, its people, and systems need to regularly improve their processes to meet the current demand.


A good way of tackling these challenges is to implement the use of a dedicated warehouse management system (WMS) that helps you organise and manage your internal and external warehousing processes to the fullest. SAP Extended Warehouse Management is an innovative solution, designed to streamline supply chain execution, optimize warehouse processes, and increase productivity and accuracy.

It is established that SAP EWM is a future-proof solution for any warehousing need, enabling companies to manage their warehousing activities without a glitch. Despite this, there can be hesitations when considering the implementation of SAP EWM because of costs and lead time. Very considerable arguments on which we have created a solution called Qubes.

A plug-and-play WMS

Qubes is an SAP EWM template created by our team of SAP logistics professionals based on best practices gathered in various industries. Qubes is built in order to provide access for small and mid-size warehouses to move to the digital supply chain with one of the world’s leading warehouse management systems. The pre-configured solution reduces implementation costs substantially and is used as a plug-and-play WMS system, or as an accelerator to form the base for your further system development.

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